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About Breaktide


I'm Jon Steingard, a filmmaker and musician based out of San Diego. I was born and raised in Canada, but I like to think I've got a California soul. Whether it's through music or film or photography, I love to tell stories.... and I think there are fascinating stories all around us every day - all you need to do is take the time to look for them.

I started Breaktide Services to help people tell their stories. 

Fancy films are awesome, cool graphics are exciting, bright colors are inspiring (I love all these things), but it is a story that truly captures the hearts and imaginations of an audience. If you can accomplish that, you will have earned the one currency that trumps them all.... attention.

So let's grab people's attention! Let's tell your story. Whether it's for the living room, bedroom, or board room, let's make something awesome. 

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Film Works


Here are a few of my favorite projects I've worked on. 


Hybrid Music/ Lyric Video

Tenth Avenue North - Control

Album: Followers

Label: Provident Music Group



Performance Music Video

Hawk Nelson - Diamonds

Album: Diamonds

Label: Fair Trade Artist Services




Wedding Video

Chris and Leah


Lyric Video

Citizen Way - I Will

Album: 2.0

Label: Fair Trade Artist Services


Lyric Video

Tenth Avenue North - Fighting For You

This video was made combining live video footage and lyric animation.

Album: Follow

Label: Provident Music Group




Lyric Video for Worship Services

Phil Wickham - This Is Amazing Grace

Lyric videos for worship services have an entirely different focus than videos for web. The goal is to create content that makes it easier to sing along, engage with the song, and ultimately connect on a deeper level. 

All animations, layers, and effects created in-house.

Album: The Ascension

Label: Fair Trade Services




Hybrid Performance/Lyric Video

Tenth Avenue North - Overflow

I shot stylized close ups of the band performing (in the back of a production truck no less!) and overlayed lyrics for an energetic and exciting result.

Album: Followers

Label: Provident Music Group




Lyric Video for Live Concert

Citizen Way - Elevated

I layered a collection of shots from NASA footage to create this surreal lyric video. I wanted the video to reflect the song's tone of an ascent to a higher place. It's designed with their live shows in mind, so huge lyrics for important words felt right!

Album: 2.0

Label: Fair Trade Services




Animated Logo

AMN Healthcare

AMN Healthcare is a medical company based in San Diego, California. When they needed a logo animation for the opening of each of their video spots, I created this clean, simple, but energetic animation. 

Agency: Pello Events

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